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Elizabeth Ubaldo             Ext. 2781  E-mail

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Issues concerning bugs on forms; SIRAS procedures; troubleshooting questions; IEP Manager; configuration issues; MIS Summary page; CASEMIS and other general questions. 

SIRAS Toll Free Hotline

(844) 337-4727      

M - F:  8:00 to 6:00

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Q: SIRAS will not allow me to create an Initial Evaluation. It says that the student is already in Special Education. How do I fix this?

A: The student’s Referral Information and/or Special Education Data has been entered on the MIS Summary page. Contact SIRAS Support to reset this data.

Q:  Why didn’t the ELD page come up for the student that is an English Language Learner?

A:  Check the demographics tab to be sure the student is listed as EL.  If not, the page will not come up. If a student is found to be not eligible on an initial or no longer eligible on a tri, the page will disappear as it is no longer needed.  Also, this page does not come up for preschool students since their ELD information is at the bottom of the Preschool page.

Q:  Where are the Spanish forms?

A:  Spanish forms do not appear until after you submit the English version of the form and check the Translation Required box on the IEP Manager.

Q:  Where are the Parent Rights and Safeguards forms?

A:  The Parent Rights and Safeguards, as well as other SELPA and District forms not considered to be part of the IEP, are located under Tools/Added Forms. They are designed to be downloaded to your computer and customized for your use.

Q:  How do I enter IEP date, location, and time on the Notice of Meeting form?

A:  The IEP date, location and time are not inputted on the Notice of Meeting form. Enter the data on the interface screen for the new meeting. The program auto-populates the data on the form.

Q;  I accidentally opened an optional IEP form. I do not want to save it. How do I get rid of the form?

A:  A form that has been opened does not have to be saved. Click on cancel and the system will respond as if the form had never been opened. If the form had already been saved, click on the red X next to the form to reset it.

Q:  Why do I get a picture of a cat?

A:  Getting a picture of the "Bad Kitty" can mean you may have discovered a bug in the program that caused the browser to crash. Try to replicate the process it took you to get the Bad Kitty. This will help SIRAS Support troubleshoot the bug. It can also be an anomaly. Try logging back in and see if the Bad Kitty shows up again. If so, contact SIRAS Support.