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Developer Fees

Due to COVID 19 restrictions, the Construction and Planning office is closed to the public.  However, we are accepting and processing Developer Fee payments on the same day we receive them.  Before stopping by our office, please call (831) 786-2380 for instructions.  Thank you for your patience.

The following set of links below will provide you with material and information regarding school developer fees. Developer fees are necessary to maintain current levels of educational services in the district and to accommodate growth due to development within the boundaries of the district.

This first set of links is information in regards to:

  1. Brochure - Developer Fees Rates 2019-2020.pdf
  2. California Government Code Section 65995.5 - School Developer Fees
  3. California Education Code - Sections 17620 and 17
  4. 2019 SFNA Study Level 2_7-2019.pdf
  5. 2018 Justification Study Level 1_3-2018.pdf
  6. Resolution 18-19-04 Level 1 Fees.pdf
  7. Resolution 19-20-05 Level 2 Fees.pdf


These next links will cover the Pajaro Valley Unified School District's requirement to report on the amount of developer fees collected each fiscal year and the manner in which they were spent.

Resolution 18-19-19 Report on the Use of Developer Fees for 2017-2018 - Board Meeting 12-11-18.pdf

Resolution 19-20-20 Report on the Use of Developer Fees for 2017-2028 - Board Meeting 12-11-19.pdf