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For complete contact information for each of the school sites and departments, please click HERE to view the District Organization Chart.




Dr. Michelle Rodriguez

Telephone: 831 786-2135

Fax: 831 761-6010


Contact Info:

294 Green Valley Road

Watsonville, CA 95076

Telephone: 831 786-2100

Fax: 831 728-4288


Board of Trustees

Kim De Serpa, Area 1 (tel: 831 588-7388)

 Georgia Acosta, Area 2 (tel: 831 247-2148)

Karen Osmundson, Area 3 (tel: 831 521-4854)

Daniel Dodge Jr., Area 4 (tel: 831 728-1237)

Jennifer Schacher, Area 5 (tel: 831 332-6053)

Maria Orozco, Area 6,  (tel: 831 254-1532)

Jennifer Holm, Area 7,  (tel: 831 254-4562)


Elementary Education

Kasey Klappenback 

Assistant Superintendent

Tel: 831 786-2133

Fax: 831 761-0334


Elementary Schools:


Ann Soldo




HA Hyde

Hall District



Mar Vista

Mintie White



Rio Del Mar




Charter Schools:

Alianza Charter

Watsonville Charter School of the Arts

Watsonville Prep Academy


Student Services:

Child Development Department

Migrant and Seasonal Head Start

SELPA, Special Services




Secondary Education

Kristen Shouse

Assistant Superintendent

Tel: 831 786-2395

Fax: 831 728-6284


Secondary Schools:

Aptos High

Pajaro Valley High

Watsonville High

Aptos Jr. High

Cesar E. Chavez

E.A. Hall


Pajaro Middle

Rolling Hills


Alternative Education:

New School

Renaissance High School


Charter Schools:

Pacific Coast Charter School

Ceiba Preparatory Academy 

Diamond Technology Institute

Linscott Charter School


Student Services:

Child Welfare and Attendance

Healthy Start

Extended Learning

Career & Technical Education 


Education Services 

Lisa Aguerria

Assistant Superintendent

Education Services

Tel: 831 786-2400

Fax: 831 761-1317


Equity, Federal and State Programs

Migrant Education 










Human Resources

Dr. Chona Killeen

Assistant Superintendent

Tel: 831 786-2145

Fax: 831 761-6018


Alison Niizawa, Director, Certificated


Pam Shanks, Director, Classified


Clint Rucker, Director, Administrative Services

Business Services, Risk & Safety

Joe Dominguez

Chief Business Officer

Tel: 831 786-2140

Fax: 831 728-8160



Construction, Facilities, Maintenance & Operations

Finance (Accounting, Payroll, Benefits)

Food Services


Risk & Safety

Workers Compensation 



For complete contact information for each of the school sites and departments, please click HERE to view the District Organization Chart.

Quick Links:

Web Services 

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Professional Development 

(Sign up for staff development trainings)


Anti-Harassment Resources


Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

- SOP 1 - Emergency Procedures

- SOP 2 - Mold

- SOP 3 - OSHA Inspection Procedures

- SOP 4 - Eye Wash and Drench Shower Stations

-SOP 5 - Passing of Current Employee