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Certificated and Classified Leaves

Instructions: Download form(s) below, then complete and submit to the Human Resources Department.

Classified Leaves

1) Request for Leave

PLEASE be sure to have the supervisor's signature on this form.

2) Information on Leaves

3) Attending Physician Verification

If medical/maternity leave, please be sure to have the doctor's signature on this form.

Please contact Linda Mejia with any questions at or (831) 786.2100, ext 2646

Certificated Leaves

1) Paid/Unpaid Leave form

*Please be sure to have your supervisor's signature

2) Medical/Maternity form

Please also complete the Attending Physicians Verification form below.

3) Attending Physician Verification form

4) Information on Leaves

Please contact Karina Rangel with any questions at or (831) 786.2100, ext 2149